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Looping over a list of values one at a time, two at a time and more

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In Perl 6 the standard way to iterate over the elements of a list or an array is by using the "for" statement. A simple version of it looks like this:


#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;

my @fellows = <Foo Bar Baz>;
for @fellows -> $name {
    say $name;

This will print out the three values one under the other.

As an explanation syntax:

@fellows is an array with 3 elements in it.

The loop variable ($name) in the above case is automatically declared in the loop so one does not need to declare it using "my" and it is still not global. It is scoped to the block of the loop.

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Gabor Szabo
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Published on 2012-01-01

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