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Using 3rd party Perl 6 modules

see proto in Github

One of the best ways to learn Perl 6 is to read examples. There are two great places to fine Perl 6 examples. One of the is the test suit of Perl 6 that can is currently in the Pugs repository. The other one is a set of 3rd perty modules written in Perl 6. They are mostly hosted on Gihub and can be installed by proto.
In order to get started the first thing you need to do is to install proto. For this you need to a have a git client and type in the following command: $ git clone git:// this will clone the git repository of protio to your computer. proto is mostly written in Perl 6 with a bootstrap script that is written in Perl 5. If you don't have rakudo installed, the Perl 5 part of proto can do it for you before starting its Perl 6 part. Just cd in the proto/ directory that was created by the git clone command and

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