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Spaces in regex

Matching space(s) can be done in several ways

#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;

my $str = 'The black cat climbed to the green tree.';

if $str ~~ m/black cat/ {
    say "Matching '$/'";
} else {
    say "No match as whitespaces are disregarded";

if $str ~~ m/  black \s cat / {
    say "Matching - Perl 5 style white-space meta character works";

if $str ~~ m/black  ' '  cat/ {
    say "Matching the real Perl 6 style would be to use strings embedded in regexes";

if $str ~~ m/black <space> cat/ {
    say "Matching - or maybe the Perl 6 style is using named character classes ";

You can see that once can embed literal strings in the regex using single quotes and there are new type of character classes witing angle brackets.

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