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sort values

#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;

my @names = <foo bar moose bu>;
my @sorted_names = sort @names;
say @sorted_names.perl;   # ["bar", "bu", "foo", "moose"]

my @numbers = 23, 17, 4;
my @sorted_numbers = sort @numbers;
say @sorted_numbers.perl;   # [4, 17, 23]

my @sort_names_by_length = sort { $^a.bytes <=> $^b.bytes }, @names;
say @sort_names_by_length.perl;   # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moose"]

# the same result with one sub (Schwartizian transformation)
my @sort_1 = sort { $_.bytes }, @names;
say @sort_1.perl;     # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moose"]

my @sort_2 = @names.sort({ $_.bytes });
say @sort_2.perl;     # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moose"]

my @sort_3 = @names.sort: { $_.bytes };
say @sort_3.perl;     # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moose"]

my @words = <moo foo bar moose bu>;
say @words.sort({ $^a.bytes <=> $^b.bytes}).perl; # ["bu", "moo", "foo", "bar", "moose"];

say @words.sort({ $^a.bytes <=> $^b.bytes or $^a cmp $^b}).perl; # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moo", "moose"];

# TODO: should be also:
# say @words.sort({ $^a.bytes <=> $^b.bytes }, {$^a cmp $^b}).perl; # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moo", "moose"];
# say @words.sort({ $_.bytes },  {$^a cmp $^b}).perl; # ["bu", "bar", "foo", "moo", "moose"];

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