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In preparation of my talk Web development using Perl 6 at YAPC::EU I set out to list the web applications that are currently using Perl 6. Here is what I know so far.

Note! This site is about Perl 6.
If you are looking for a solution for Perl 5, please check out the Perl 5 tutorial.

Strangely Consistent, the web site of Carl Mäsak is generated by a bunch of Perl 6 scripts. used to run on this soure code, but it is now a set of static pages.

Picture of the day by Thomas Klausner (domm) uses some Perl 6 scripts in the background. See the GitHub repository of the project., the site you are looking at, runs on the source code that lives in this GitHub repository.

It uses Bailador, a route-based web framework.

Portuguese Perl Mongers - static site generated by this code.

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Gabor Szabo
Written by Gabor Szabo

Published on 2015-07-20


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